Want to read some reviews to help you decide if I am a good fit? Here are several reviews, culled from various sources online:

Alex says:
Went for a session to be bottom 🙂 was amazing suck on her big cock till she came all over me 🙂 and right after I came to was amazing 10/10 would do again !

Jake says:
Thank you again for cumming to Regina. Amazing experience once again. Glad I was able to take all of you in both my holes and got the money shot on my face and chest. Cant wait to see you next time

Ron says:
Words cannot describe how impressed I was with miss Sunshine. From the moment she greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss I knew I was in for a special time. She is a very sensitive, caring person whose only mission was to make our time together as memorable as possible. A true beauty, gorgeous face, incredible body, fantastic personality and spot on hygiene. Sunshine took charge and made sure my first time with a T-Girl would be one I would never forget or ever regret. Hopefully some day we meet again.

Submissive Steve says:
The first thing I noticed when I met Sunshine was how stunning she is in real life, her pictures do not capture just how amazing she really is. We wasted no time getting started and I started kissing her feet and working my way up her soft legs till I got to her cock, and what a cock it is! I took my time sucking her cock making sure to get it as far down my throat as possible. Everytime I felt the urge to gag i almost came but fought the urge. I sucked her hard until i couldnt resist any more and i asked her to take me from behind. She lovingly bent me over and slid her perfection into me and man, ive never felt so good and so filled in my life. After a while of her mounting me she had to cum and i happily accepted. The amount of hot cum this girl can pump out is AMAZING!! Sunshine, you are a princess and I will always be your loyal subject.

Wildman says:
When I met Sunshine, I was in total amazement of her beauty. She is more beautiful than any woman I have ever seen before. I wanted to first kiss her body from head to toe. But once I saw her beautiful cock, I had to suck on it. I wanted every inch of her in my mouth. I laid on my back, with my head hanging over the edge of the bed and she put all nine inches into my throat. She knew exactly what to do and not gag me. I felt her balls hit my face. After half an hour of this, she entered my ass. It was the most beautiful, almost out of body experience that I ever had. She shot a hot load that covered my face and chest. I asked her to marry me!

Lonely CCC says:
Have seen Sunshine a few times before. When I saw that she was going to be visiting Edmonton, I knew I had to see her again.

When I arrived at her room she opened the door looking as beautiful as ever, we got the donation out of the way, and we started with a great massage. After that I got started alternating between sucking on those beautiful breasts and that magnificent cock. She then had me bend over the edge of the bed and entered me, slowly but surely increasing the pace, telling me how much she loved fucking my ass.

I had to stop her halfway through just so I could suck that yummy cock again.. She had me kneel on the floor while she feed it to me. She then bent me over the edge again and started ramming me in earnest.

We then switched to missionary and she just started plowing me like there was no tomorrow. She then had me lay back while she started stroking her cock and i did the same. She shot the biggest, and I mean biggest cumshot I have ever seen… I was utterly drenched in cum… It was an amazing time, and I hope for many, many more.

TZ says:
Sunshine arrived at my place and I was impressed on how accurate her pictures were.
I have to say, a very nice body. Before I knew it, time was up and I was sad that it was time for her to leave. Over all, it was one of the better sessions I have had with a TS and when the mood strikes me, I am sure I will not hesitate to call her up.

DX says:
Absolutally orgasmic, she’s got class and beauty all in one, all you want is to do is please her, but don’t kid yourself you will be totally satisfied, Sunshine RULES, she owns this town.

XP says:
My first word when I opened the door was WOW. I bet she gets that a lot, she is gorgeous. She definitely gave herself the right name: she is a ray of sunshine. She never stopped smiling the entire session. She was concerned that I was comfortable and we talked at length. She was unrushed and never once looked at the clock.

Sunshine has moved to Calgary and finally Alberta has a permanent top end girl. I make a couple of trips a year to the town of cows, but will probably end up doing that more often now. I WILL end up seeing her again (and again and again). The girl is incredible and her personality is even better.

DS says:
Wow-wee-wow, Sunshine is one in a million, what a gorgeous girl. My jaw hit the floor when I opened the door, still trying to pick it up now. When she greeted me, she looked so beautiful: great body, soft skin. We chatted for a while, she was trying to get me more comfortable, but I always get nervous around gorgeous women. Sunshine is a treasure, so glad to hear she has moved to Alberta. Hope to see you again Sunshine, you’re an amazing woman, hope Calgary treats you good. Bye.

HZ says:
Had a great time. Thanks so much!

JW says:
The problem with this review is where to start.
Sunshine’s photos are great but do not do her service, she is must better in person. Erotic facial features, great D’s, and legs that go forever. Her personality is perfect, no attitude, and she puts you at ease in seconds. Sunshine is a 10++.

Sunshine puts her all into your satisfation with no rush or hassle. Great conversation, great girl. No specific details here but if you miss her you have missed a great experience.

Thanks again Sunshine for a wonderful evening and I will wait with anticipation for your return visit.

On another occasion, JW says:
Met up with Sunshine again as she passed through on her westbound trip. She was wonderful the first time and the second time – what words can I use? If you ever get the chance to meet Sunshine, do not let the opportunity slip through your fingers. It is time well spent for her personality and beauty alone, the rest depends on you.

Drive safe and come back soon.

CT says:
I called her up last night but she was a little tired from driving THE GAP (Regina to Winnipeg), so we arranged to meet this morning. She was easy to contact and quite accommodating. When I answered the door I was a little surprised at how stunning she was… Eventually, one thing led to another and before I knew it, gentlemen, I was looking at this stunning nubian princess thinking, “how did I get so lucky?” If you are into hot ebony Tgirls, Sunshine is the lady for you. If you are into excellent TS experience, Sunshine is for you.

CS says:
I met with Sunshine yesterday (my first experience with a TGirl). She was everything I hoped for (and much, much more). When I opened the door, I was blown away by how HOT she looked in her sexy dress! Her pics are great but seeing her in person was incredible! She made me feel comfortable right away. As we chatted, I realized that Sunshine has a great personality and is very easy to talk to. Sunshine was the perfect girl for a first-timer like me. She took her time with me and was gentle when she needed to be and took charge when she sensed I needed her to! Everything (and I mean everything lol) I’d fantasized about for years was happening to me right before my eyes!

Sunshine, Thanks to you I’m now officially addicted ! I can’t get enough and have been craving to see you again ever since you left.

Thanks for the awesome time together!

IY says:
Wonderful time, a great person a French backgroud so great passion and loves what she does and it shows. Very few dates a day so do not delay if you’re thinking about the life style. A GOOD provider to start with.

TL says:
What a great time I had with Sunshine — highly recommended — go see her. We never had shemales come to GP before and then we get one of the best.

GP says:
I had an awesome time with Sunshine. She is 110% class. If you don’t go see her you are really missing out. She came to visit me this pm and all I can say is WOW!!!!

She is very feminine with a gorgeous body and great attitude. If you are nervous, don’t be. Go see her, your nervousness will end the moment she smiles at you. She is friendly and enjoys what she does. She has a cool accent that made it a bit difficult for me to understand her but I am half deaf anyway. Hopefully she will come back to our city.

AC says:
I met Sunshine in January and had a GREAT time. Very sexy, smooth body, lovely chocolate skin tone, very accommodating and sexy… I think I said sexy twice, oh well… My one complaint would be that after we both climaxed I left, and there was still some time on the clock, but that is a small complaint I suppose, and I would still definitely repeat!

Reply: You should never feel rushed. Whether you have orgasmed or not, you are welcome to spend as much time as you like with me.


SL says:
Met Sunshine in Grande Prairie — total class and total sexiness.
Great time and, from meeting her, don’t think she is one to piss off clients intentionally.
Sometimes things happen but when she comes back to GP I will be sure meeting her again.

J says:
I have seen Sunshine three times on her out of town trips and a review is overdue. Every positive thing you have heard is true as she is a wonderful, beautiful intelligent, exotic, individual. Her personality matches her beauty and she is professional at everything she does. Her whole objective is your pleasure and while she is 100% safe, you will not regret a moment with her. This lady is in a class of her own and will go out of her way to ensure your satisfaction and nothing is rushed. I will never miss an opportunity to see her when she visits and have plans to visit Calgary to see her again. Thanks Sunshine you have given me special times and great memories. Your friend (J)

PP says:
I recently had a session with TS_Sunshine, and the person I saw was absolutely beautiful, very affectionate, and very accommodating. I am an older guy who was ready to give up trying to ****, not from the lack of stimulation, but typically trying too hard. To her credit, she persevered on the basis that she was not going to be happy until I was 100% satisfied. As it was, my session was a little over an hour, but I felt no pressure to get it over with, so she was definitely not a clock watcher. Also she made a point of shutting off her phone at the beginning of the session until the end. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants an experience with a fabulous looking, well endowed TS who genuinely wants to ensure her clients have a wonderful time.

JRP says:
Everything was easily and quickly arranged. I soon greeted a tall, beautiful, African lady with a delightful French/Canadian accent. It took very little time before we were ******** and I was tasting ********. We rapidly progressed to mutual ******** and as I wanted her to take the dominant role I was soon*********. I was satiated completely. Sunshine knows exactly how to use her charm, her beauty and her *******- whether she is ******* or *******. Likewise she is amazingly talented at *******.

This was a very laid back session (me laid, my back – lol) with a charming, witty, sexy lady whom I will definitely seeing her again. Sunshine is not a clock watcher but is definitely a ****-watcher!

If you are in Calgary or if you are coming to Calgary visit with her; you will be glad you did. If she comes to your location – see her; you will be glad you did. She is usually available in Calgary. Awesome lady – thanks Sunshine for a wonderful evening. I have seen Sunshine previously and everything (safe) is on the menu.

Drexx37 says:
Totally awesome, if she travels in your city you must meet this beautiful woman, trust me you will not regret it, the only thing you’ll regret is when she leaves. I was like a kid in a candy store, and if you like lollipops, she is one that will leave you mesmerized. She is all class with a huge amount of beauty, you will find yourself wanting to pamper her and do all her bidding. She’ll take care of all your needs, I can’t stop thinking of her. Definitely the best I’ve had. Thank You gorgeous.

Tony says:
Amazing woman – She’s so hot, I could barely stand to look at her for more than a few moments. But she made me feel very comfortable and my nerves calmed down. I was so excited I **** way too fast. We spent the rest of the time chatting and laughing. Thanks Sunshine, I’ll see you again soon.

Bob says:
One of the best I’ve seen. An absolute beauty, very friendly, great body, very classy. Bob, Edmonton.

Mike says:
We don’t get a lot of nice girls visiting Saskatoon. When I saw that Sunshine was coming back for a visit, I was determined not to miss her. She was friendly on the phone and we were soon together. I’ve had some bad luck with girls who use fake pictures. Sunshine’s pictures were so nice that I was a little worried about that. I didn’t need to worry. Her pictures are nice but she is even nicer in person. What a beauty! I was so turned on. Sunshine took care of that very well. She knows what she’s doing. Please move to Saskatoon Miss Sunshine. Mike in Saskatoon.

John says:
I visited Sunshine in Winnipeg. She was here last year and I missed her. She is very friendly and incredible to look at. She’s packing something nice too. I was a little scared at first. This was my first time with a shemale but she was really careful and we talked a lot too. It made the experience really special. She is a very open person and I could tell she really cares about people. When I ********, it was so intense. It was a great first experience and I hope I see Sunshine again. I might just have to make a trip to Calgary sometime soon.

Smooth Operator says:
Sunshine “OMG” I first saw Sunshine was coming to Winnipeg a couple weeks ago and after exchanging some emails we arranged to meet on Sat at 2pm.Well sat came but I had to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances. We talked a couple times over the next few days but were unable to connect due to conflicting schedules but Sunshine said she was staying an extra day and that she was not leaving till she saw me…… Well wed came (her last day) and I called her when I was done work like she told me to, and told me to come down to her hotel when I was ready, I couldn’t believe it, it was happening lol. I headed to the hotel with butterflies in my stomach I was so nervous and they stayed all the way to her door. I knocked and she answered “OMG” the hottest women I have ever seen in my life. She greeted the door in sexy lingerie and gave me a kiss, then we sat down. We talked a little then she pulled out her perfect tits and I sucked them while we felt each other’s hard ons. To make the story short we 69d a bit and both got off, I did while I was sucking her tits after she came on my chest, she sounded impressed when I shot off which made me feel good cuz I was so nervous I feel I didn’t perform as well as I shoulda lol. Also as beautiful as Sunshine is her personality and character are exactly the same……all class, I was in pure heaven. Sunshine thank you for a wonderful time stay safe and take care it’s all about you: bowdown2u: you are the cream of the crop.

BB40 says:
Sunshine “OMG” I had the privilege of seeing Sunshine when she was in Winnipeg. 2nd time I’ve seen her and she just gets better and better. She topped me and pounded me soo hard I was still in a daze hours later : ) oh and top it all off, WOWW what a money shot. She kept jackin while she exploded, it just rained all over me. And it just kept coming! I’m surprised how much kept spurting out. lol thanks Sunshine for the great time! totally worth every penny! hope to see you here again soon!

Francis says:
My best advice is: Go see her. She is great. I really enjoyed it.

TW says:
Session Description & Details
Where did you find this provider? ShemaleCanada
This Session was an: Incall
Overall Service Score: 10
Would you see this Provider again? Yes
Session details:
I’ve missed Sunshine the last few times she’s come to Saskatoon, so when I saw that she was visiting again, I had to go see her.

She greeted me at the door in a VERY sexy outfit and gave me a big hug. We talked a bit, and then things started heating up!

Sunshine loves having her cock sucked, and I was more than happy to oblige. I sucked her for a while, and she told me she was going to fuck me good…

Wow! She pounded me hard, first from behind and then missionary – what a fantastic feeling! Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, she said she was close to coming and pulled out. I knelt in front of her and she jerked off, and she came on my face and chest. That pushed me over the edge and I shot a big load.

Have you seen her video on the forum? Trust me, it’s even more impressive in person.

After we finished up, we relaxed and talked for a while. Sunshine is truly a class act, and she’s a very nice person to talk to.

Sunshine – tonight was fantastic, and I hope you have a great time on your trip to Australia.

HT says:
Session details:

This was my first time being with a service provider. Despite some confusion around finding which building she lived in as I parked on the wrong street to begin with the session went as well as I could have hoped for. She answered the door in a sexy outfit and was super friendly from the get-go. Her place is quite nice, better than my place, and clean and not sketchy in the slightest. It was also freezing as fuck that night so she had the heat turned on just right to get my balls to come back out of their hiding place.

I left an envelope for her on the table and I’m assuming she went to count it for accuracy, but did so not in my presence which took the whole “business transaction” aspect out of the equation. Made it very casual. So we got down to the fun times.

She knows how to get you good and worked up and hard like you wouldn’t believe. Although I thought I’d spent enough time “warming” my ass up before seeing her I clearly wasn’t ready to take all of her fun stick that night, but spent a good time fucking her and going down on her until my poor throat could handle no more. Choking down is such a great thing isn’t it? Although she thought my manhood may be small she was a bit surprised that I have more than enough to go around the block, and surprised at my apparently overly exceptional oral skills. To boot, if you like to suck on nipples then she’s great for this because she seems to enjoy the fuck out of it. And she cums like a champion, but next time I want it on me. I’ve also got myself a new toy in hopes of being better prepared for next time. And I’m hoping there will be a next time.

Bob says:
Session Description & Details
Where did you find this provider? She Male Canada
This Session was an: Outcall
Overall Service Score: 10
Would you see this Provider again? Yes
Session details:
I’ve been lurking on the forums on and off for two years. T-girls fascinate me; they arouse me, yet I’ve never taken any steps to be physically with one. Boy have I been an idiot. My experience with Sunshine the other night has completely shaken my world. Let me tell you how it happened.

I knew I was going to be in Calgary mid-November so I spent three days building up the nerve to call Sunshine for a date. I got through on my first call and was barely able to express myself I was so nervous. Sunshine picked right up on my nervousness and calmed me right down. She told me to phone her when I arrived in Calgary and she would see me within an hour of my call. I asked her to come by my hotel which was fine with her.

Sunshine called to say she had arrived and I went down to the lobby to meet her by the elevators. At this hotel guests of guests need to be escorted up the elevator to the appropriate floor. When the elevator door opened I saw her standing there and all my hopes and yearnings were met in an instant. I practically dragged her into the elevator, introduced myself and was met by a big smile. All my nervousness evaporated that instant she hugged me in the elevator.

Sunshine has the most perfect body I have ever come across. Her large breasts are perfectly shaped and her brown nipples are so suckable. Her chocolate skin is soft in every place imaginable. And yes I used my imagination. But the best part of my encounter with Sunshine was when she fucked me. And boy did she fuck me. She started with lots of lube and gentle probing thrusts. Nothing too penetrative at first. When she sensed I was ready she started going deeper and deeper inside me. It was amazing but true, Sunshine was growing longer and thicker with each stroke. (I apologize but I’m getting hard just writing this down).

This part of the session lasted nearly one hour with Sunshine gently pushing me into different positions then savagely fucking me. I have always been a slow comer but when I came, it was like the Hoover dam had let go Sunshine came in me but of course she was covered. Next time I will ask for some of her famous “Liquid Sunshine.”

At the moment I feel I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have had my first t-girl experience with Sunshine. Aside from the sex, Sunshine has a most wonderful, outgoing, caring personality. At least she was that way with me. To all those of you who have shared their experiences here on the forum (guys and girls), I wish to deeply thank you for helping give me the courage to catch a dream.

One of the best I’ve seen. An absolute beauty, very friendly, great body, very classy.

TN says:
Session details:
Have been wanting to see Sunshine for awhile now….good fortune of having her in Regina last week. Let me just say she is incredible! Great to suck, and returned the favor very nicely. She loves pounding doggy, & if you can handle her appendage, will make your head spin! Patient, friendly, no clock-watching, just a great lady…..rumor has it her & Aliyah may be in town this summer…..that would be the mother of all duos!

NH says:
Session details:
I have known Sunshine for some time but tonight was something different. A female friend had expressed an interest in a 3some with a TGirl and Sunshine was willing to accommodate. In her usual manner Sunshine made us all comfortable in seconds and what followed was just a series of who does what to who and ended with us all exhausted. Sunshine is so special and you will search a long time to find a better provider. My female friend and I are now just recovering with the occasional sigh as we recall the events of the evening. Thanks again Sunshine.

RY says:
Session details:
I had some problems initially making an appointment with Sunshine because I think she thought I was someone else that was making false appointments. Once we PM’d each other we resolved the issue and Sunshine was more than gracious in how she dealt with it!

I finally got to meet up with her today at 12:30pm in one of our city’s upper scale hotels.
Sunshine greeted me at the door with a big hug wearing the lingerie that I had requested.

She was very accommodating and put me at ease. We talked a bit and then she pulled out her anaconda, lol!

We performed oral on each other and that is a huge dick to get all down your throat. Oral was covered both ways as she is a safe provider.

Then Sunshine bent me over the bed and took her time trying to get inside me. Once she was able get herself all in, she started slowly and when I was used to her size inside me she proceeded to bang me like she just got out of prison! (but it felt sooo great!)

I wanted her to cum on me (as we arranged earlier) and she turned me on my back and straddled my chest. I think she wrote her name frontwards and backwards on my chest, lol!

After we finished up, Sunshine offered me a shower and a fresh towel. The whole time I was there, she was very friendly, made me extremely comfortable and was so courteous that you never feel like leaving. It was the best experience that I have had with a tgirl and I look forward to her visit back to our city next summer! I hope the rest of your tour goes great Sunshine and thanks again for a mind blowing time!

KS says:
Session Description & Details: impressionnant!! (awesome)
I took the liberty to modify the review form slightly. Surely there cannot be anyone in the TGirl world who doesn’t know what Sunshine looks like or know about her great service!!

I also hope “impressionnant” is french for awesome *L*. Unfortunately I don’t speak french, but Google translator is pretty dam handy.

The Big Worm says:
Session details:
My first encounter with a SP and it was one to remember. Sunshine opened the door wearing some sexy lingerie and things quickly heated up. Sunshine took control and made things feel very comfortable. Definitely will do it again but be warned her cock made me tap out.

JJ says:
I was nervous at first but was Sunshine’s smile and allure made that go away. She gave me a nice massage to get comfy, then shoved her cock down my throat. She was rough but in a playful, gentle way. She pounded me hard by the end and came all over my chest. Had a shower afterwards and left satisfied.

Darwin says:
I recently met with Sunshine and she made this nervous first timer feel comfortable and safe. She is every bit as beautiful as her pictures and easy to talk to. Started with a fantastic massage which eventually led to her taking me from behind. This lady has stamina! Eventually we switched to 69 to finish me off, then wrapped up with her rainstorm as advertised! Thanks for a wonderful session. I highly recommend letting Sunshine brighten your day!

Alex says:
Went for a session to be bottom 🙂 was amazing suck on her big cock till she came all over me 🙂 and right after I came too was amazing 10/10 would do again !

Jake says:
Thank you again for cumming to Regina. Amazing experience once again. Glad I was able to take all of you in both my holes and got the money shot on my face and chest. Can’t wait to see you next time.

John says:
I have never seen such a professional website and a genuine attitude. Your advice is what makes the difference between an experience you will never forget and feeling good about it, as opposed to feeling ashamed and guilty. I for one want to become a “regular” to insure that I know how to make love to a “real” shemale.