Q. Connecting With Me During The COVID 19 Pandemic

A. I am now available to see a limited number of clients. If you want to see me, call me on the phone and we can set something up. IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS, DO NOT CALL ME. STAY HOME! IF YOU HAVE TRAVELED OUT OF PROVINCE IN THE LAST 14 DAYS, DO NOT CALL ME! STAY HOME!

Fever, cough, runny nose, difficulty breathing. – DO NOT CALL ME!

I may check your temperature when you arrive.

I will see you in my condo. Everything is cleaned and disinfected. I will ask that you remove your shoes before entering and I will take special precautions to make sure we don’t spread the virus to anyone.


Q, What are your rates?
A. I’d rather discuss rates on the phone but here’s a rough guideline:

One hour incall, $300 or more, depending on what you want – tell me what you want when we speak on the phone and I’ll give you a specific rate.

One hour outcall $400 or more, depending on what you want – tell me what you want when we speak on the phone and I’ll give you a specific rate.

I may offer a half-hour service for $200 but it depends on a lot of things so ask me on the phone. I do not offer quickie rates.

Don’t try and negotiate a lower rate with me – it’s insulting.  Don’t compare me with other providers, saying so-and-so will see me for this much, why won’t you?  Slashing rates is the way some girls try to garner business – I don’t care.  My rates stand and I’m worth every penny.  If it’s too expensive for you, I’m sorry.  Don’t call me asking for 15 minutes – that’s just code for a cheap rate.  Even a half-hour bothers me.   See me for an hour – let’s enjoy each other’s company and avoid rushing.

Q. Do you see men, women, or couples?
A. I am attracted to men but I can also entertain women or couples. However, this depends on the situation so talk to me on the phone about what you are looking for.

Q. What’s on the menu?
A. Good question.  I’ll keep this brief.  I’m a shemale escort.  This is an escort site.  I won’t list activities we may do together in private because it’s indiscreet.  However, I appreciate you want to know something about me.

I’m attracted to men but I like women too.  I am a top exclusively.  That means I like to be on top, just like it sounds. However, I am versatile orally.  I’m all about pleasure, so feel free to tell me what you like when we speak on the phone.  I’m OK with some fetishes and fantasies, including light domination.  If you want to know if I can scratch your particular itch, call and ask.  I’ll tell you up front if I can do what you want.  I see only one person at a time but I will see couples if I am comfortable with the arrangement.

Let me be very clear – I prefer to talk about this stuff ON THE PHONE.  Not by text, not by e-mail. Give me a call and ask me a question. My number is 403-615-0354.

Q. Why aren’t there any cock pics on your website?
A. I don’t post cock pics on my site nor do I send them by text or email. This is private. Don’t worry – you’ll get some real quality time with my beautiful she-cock when we meet. I’m not interested in sending cock pics and having you masturbate to them. Call me and become a client.

Q. Do you offer domination?
A. I am not a dominatrix. Therefore, I don’t have all the related equipment or wardrobe. However, I am quite capable of taking control of you during the session if that is what you like. Talk to me about your desires and let’s see if we can make your fantasy a reality.

Q. Do you see older clients?
A. I do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, appearance, or age. Everyone is welcome to call on me. So far, the oldest client I have seen is 93 years old.

I am aware that some escorts post: “no blacks” or other offensive restrictions in their ads. I do not support racist or bigoted people and you should not support them either. I am also aware that some shemale escorts will not see older gentlemen. That is their choice but I do not believe this is in line with the idea of being a professional escort.

Q. If I like shemales, does that make me Gay?
A. No. If you were Gay, you’d be attracted to men. Being attracted to shemales is something else. Most of my clients consider themselves straight and rightfully so. A shemale who has transitioned can be considered to be a woman. If the transition is successful, there won’t be any way to tell that she’s not a woman, short of doing a DNA test or a gynecological exam. As a matter of fact, a tgirl works hard at being feminine and beautiful. It’s never just throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and stepping outside. She always wants to look her best. In that sense, being with a shemale is like being with the ideal of a woman. That only leaves one question: does she still have a penis? When she peels off her panties, what wonders will you discover? Will you discover a beautiful pussy or will you discover a nice cock? Obviously, once she loses the cock and gets a pussy, she loses her appeal in the eyes of a man who seeks a shemale.

If you are contemplating seeing a shemale, it is highly probable that you have seen shemale porn. You know what a shemale is. The porn turned you on and you wonder if the real thing would be as thrilling. If I can go by what my clients report, the answer is yes, if you choose the right shemale. Your first time is not the time to be taking any chances. Do some research and find a girl who really turns you on. If you like me, I’d be honoured to be your first.

Q. I’m attracted to shemales but I’m afraid I might like them too much and I’m afraid of what that might lead to?
A. Pleasure is pleasure. You can like shemales and still like women too. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to experience something that really turns you on. So you might like it – there could be worse problems for you to have. Try it and see. If you don’t enjoy it, you’ll know not to pursue it any further. If you like it, you’ll have a new source of pleasure in your life. Being attracted to shemales doesn’t hurt anyone. Shemales are human beings just like you. They need love just like anyone else.

Q. How do I know if I will be the one penetrating her or whether she will be penetrating me?
A. There are two things to consider. Oral and anal. Most shemales will go both ways orally but only accept one-way action anally. When it comes to anal, there are terms to keep in mind:

Top: the person doing the penetrating
Bottom: the person being penetrated
Versatile: a person who can either be a top or a bottom

This is something you can ask a shemale on the phone if you can’t find out on her site: are you a top, a bottom, or versatile? Then you will know if this is the right tgirl for you.

You might benefit from a little insider knowledge here. If a girl says she is a bottom, you should question whether she can achieve an erection. Shemales take female hormones in order to make themselves more feminine. There is a tipping point when the female hormones overcome the male and the sexual organs cease to function. Erections become impossible and ejaculation stops completely. At this point, there is only one option left open to the tgirl – go under the knife and get SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery). Just because a girl is a bottom, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is non-functional but it certainly CAN mean that.

Q. Are you a top or a bottom?
A. I enjoy oral both ways. I can suck you or you can suck me. However, I am a TOP exclusively when it comes to sex. That means I will penetrate you and not the other way around. I am fully functional. I can achieve and maintain an erection and I can ejaculate. As a matter of fact, my trademark is an incredible cumshot.

Q. How do I contact you?
A. Simple – call me on the phone.  Sure, you can send me an e-mail for a general enquiry but all appointments and discussions about rates and services are done on the phone. Check my contact page for more specific information.

Email me with general questions if you must. Ts_sunshinegirl@hotmail.com
but I prefer a phone call. Reach me at 403-615-0354.

Q. Why do I have to call you on the phone?
A. Every escort has her preferred contact method.  I’m OK with an e-mail for general enquiries such as questions about my travel plans or checking on a possible date for an appointment.  My email is ts_sunshinegirl@hotmail.com. However, if you want to ask a question about what we might do together or you want to ask about my rates, I’d rather do that on the phone.  Also, all appointments must be done with a phone call – no exceptions.  I do not accept calls from blocked numbers, phone apps, or payphones.  I also don’t want internet calls or calling card calls.  If you want to see me, it’s not too much to ask – just call me on the phone using your real phone number.

Why not text?  The simple answer is: I want to hear your voice.  I want to assure myself you are serious about meeting me.  I want to know you are a potential client and not a jealous competitor or a game player. Hearing your voice is the best way for me to do that.  You’d be surprised how many men play stupid games – don’t be one of those.  Do as I ask and call me on the phone.

This phone call is the best way to get on good terms with me.  Texts won’t do it and e-mails won’t do it either.

If you’re worried about me calling you back, I won’t.  If you want a callback, you need to give me that specific instruction when we speak on the phone.  If you don’t want a callback and you can’t reach me by phone, try again in fifteen minutes.  You’ll get through eventually.

You can expect to call me three times – once to set up an appointment and/or check on rates and/or ask pertinent questions, once a half-hour before our appointment to confirm you are on your way, and once more when you arrive in my area so I can give you my precise address.

Q. What is ‘discretion’?
A. Discretion is defined as the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.

Specifically, as an escort, I will never call or text unless you give me clear instructions to do so when we speak on the phone.  I will dress well when we meet and will avoid attracting attention to myself.  I will endeavour to treat you with respect.  I will strive to satisfy while preserving your health.

As a client, when we speak on the phone, you will not repeat my address in a public place.  You will not call me from the lobby of a condominium or hotel but rather make the call from the parking lot.  You will avoid knocking loudly on my door.  You will follow my contact instructions to the letter and you will be clean and sober when we meet.  If you have to cancel an appointment, you will call to let me know.  You will not send me endless e-mails or texts, play games on the phone, make fake appointments, send me to a fake address for an outcall, or do anything else to harass or offend. 

It’s a two-way street.  We respect each other and have a great time.  The alternative is not conducive to a pleasant encounter.

Q. What is an escort?
A. When you hire an escort, you are hiring a temporary companion.  An escort is not a slave.  Your fee does not entitle you to do as you wish with the escort.  Professional escorts have clear boundaries and you would be well advised to respect them.  Like any other relationship, trust and mutual respect are important.  To the end of establishing common ground, here are a couple of tips:

1. Follow the escort’s preferred contact method.  Deviating from that gives the impression you are not serious or even worse, it indicates the possibility that you are trouble.

2. Respect the escort’s boundaries.  The escort is in charge – let her guide you.  She knows what she’s doing.  Be clear about what you want when you make arrangements on the phone – no last minute surprises with unusual requests.  If the escort is amenable to your request, she’ll let you know.  If she is not, she’ll let you know that too.

Q. What is a TS escort?
A. While the “Third Sex” has played an important role in entertainment throughout history, in North America it was uncommon until fairly recently.  Before 1950, there really weren’t too many people who even identified themselves as transgender in any way.  There have been cross-dressers since the beginning but that isn’t what I am referring to.  Transgender refers to self-identification with any point on the gender continuum except the male or female poles.

Advancements in psychology, psychiatry, and surgery as well as a more liberal attitude have made it possible for people to identify themselves on the continuum of gender.  Perhaps that needs clarification.  The dictionary defines two genders, male and female.  But is that the way it really is?  Or is it possible to define gender as a continuum between these two points of male and female?  Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever seen a feminine man or a masculine woman?  Could it be there is a range of possibilities afforded by nature rather than two immutable points?  Gender is a function of the psyche as much as it is of physical characteristics.  We are, each or us, unique.  Is it so difficult to accept that we are expressions of different points on the continuum of gender?  It is so much simpler to say man or woman.  But that laziness is not rewarded with an accurate representation of life.  It is more precise to say that we are, each of us, unique.  We can conceive of ourselves as somewhere on the continuum between what is known as a man and a woman and we can even move on this scale.  Other people will conceive of us as they will.  Some will see us as either male or female – black and white, no questions.  More open minded people will see us as individual and unique.  I like those people!

It has been possible for many years to use cosmetic surgery to alter our features to be more aligned with our conception of who we are.  And so it followed that people who identified themselves more as the opposite gender chose to undergo such procedures.  Some saw themselves as born in a body of the wrong gender while others saw themselves at some mid point on the continuum, somewhere between male and female.

Cosmetic procedures are very expensive.  In order to find the means to pay for treatments, some transgendered people have considered escorting as a means to effect their transformation.  For many, this transformation is so important,  it takes precedence over anything else in their lives.  When you encounter a TS escort, it is likely that, in some way, this played a role in the decision to become an escort.

At first, those who underwent procedures were at the brave vanguard of what was possible.  But soon enough, others followed by example.  Now there are people who espouse every possible nuance of gender.  It is now possible to be outwardly transformed from a man into a woman or vice versa and it is becoming more common as time goes on.  Trust me – there are lots of transsexuals out there.

You’ve probably met a few and didn’t even know.

There is also the mythical Androgyne.  In this respect, some people are gifted with a natural neutrality of gender, endowed with an equal measure of male and female characteristics.  Some believe that these individuals are examples of perfection through balance, being neither too male nor too female.  While the reality may not exactly reflect the myth, there are individuals who are very androgynous.  Whether that makes them perfect is a matter of opinion and, I suppose, this is a little beyond the goals of this article.

Most TS escorts are male-to-female at some stage of transformation.  Some intend to complete Sex Reassignment Surgery while others are intent on stopping short of that.  There are TS escorts who have decided to identify themselves as female without having changed much save their clothing.  Some have just begun to take female hormones but have not had any sort of cosmetic procedures.  Some tgirls have restructured their facial features to some degree and have had breasts implants done.  There are even procedures for changing the shape of the skull or removing ribs to achieve a more feminine appearance. There is a procedure for changing the timbre of the voice.  The list goes on.  It is not unheard of for someone to spend $150,000 or more on procedures.  To sum up, there is a whole range of tgirls out there.

Sometimes the obvious isn’t obvious at all.  Why would a man enjoy being with a tgirl? Experiences vary of course, and I have my own opinions about it.  For many men, there is a certain naughty appeal that is nearly impossible to resist. Tgirls understand how to please a man because they have the same erogenous responses themselves.  After all, the basic equipment she was born with is the same that the man is sporting now.  It stands to reason that, if it feels good for her, it will feel good for him.  In terms of her appearance, a tgirl has to work at it to be a woman. For many tgirls, this involves a significant and conscious effort to be feminine in appearance and mannerism.  Maybe her man will appreciate all that hard work.  After all, she is preparing herself for him – that’s a compliment in my book – what about yours?

Q. I want to see a shemale but this is new to me. How do I tell her what I want and what I don’t want?
A. You should tell her that this is your first time. Book for one hour or longer. Beyond that, if the shemale was the right choice and she knows what she’s doing, she’ll handle the rest. Knowing it is your first time, she’ll take her time and make sure you’re comfortable with everything. She’ll get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like and she won’t push you to do things that make you uncomfortable.

Don’t try to orchestrate the session as if you were the director of a movie. That’s my job. Your job is to relax into the experience and try new things. Enjoy yourself. Believe me, you are going to ask yourself why you waited so long.

Q. As a first timer, how do I know you will not be too big for me to take?
A. It’s all in the warm-up. Let’s use lots of lube and take it nice and slow until you loosen up. I’m never in a rush.

Q. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m contemplating calling a shemale. Is this discreet or will I get myself into trouble?
A. Any professional escort will pride herself on her discretion. This is also something you can ask the tgirl when you call. Remember that you too should be discreet. Don’t phone the girl from the lobby of the hotel or from the foyer of her condo. Don’t knock on her door so loud that the neighbours are disturbed. When you are with the girl, keep the noise down as much as possible. When you call the girl, you can expect that she will not call you back unless you specifically request she do so. You can expect she will keep your number safe and will not hand it out to anyone. The same goes for e-mails and text messages. At least, these are my practices.

Take a few moments to read the tgirl’s rules or guidelines on her website. Do your best to follow these and you will make the tgirl feel comfortable. She’ll return the favour and treat you with the same respect. Don’t underestimate the importance of good hygiene. Be clean and sober when you meet her.

Q. I found an ad for a gorgeous shemale but, try as I might, I can’t find out much about her. What should I do?
Google the phone number and/or the name in the ad. This should lead you to other ads she has posted. It should also lead you to her website if she has one. Be very careful of ads that seem too good to be true. You know the saying. It’s probably a scam. Not a good first experience nor a good experience at any time. Find a girl who has a real website and who you trust has been around. Beautiful shemales don’t magically appear out of nowhere. And professionals will have all the fixings. A nice website, a history you can trace, and a good reputation. A free ad and a free website doesn’t tell you much about the person. A girl who changes her name and her phone number every time the clock strikes twelve probably has reason to do so.

There are only two reasons why advertisers post fake profiles and neither of them are good. First possibility: the person may be an extortionist rather than an escort. When you arrive at the location, they will hide behind the door and ask you to come in. This is bad news – do not enter. Leave immediately or face the possibility of being physically assaulted or extorted. Second possibility: the beautiful pictures you see in the ad may be a bait-and-switch. The escort may be unattractive. Usually, it is a man in a dress rather than a shemale.

Take a good look at the pictures. Are they even pictures of a shemale or are they pictures of a woman? Is there a cock and balls between those legs or is there a pussy?

If you use Firefox as a browser, there is a handy app called “Who stole my pics.” The Russian site yandex.ru is the best one to find duplicates of an image on the internet. If the pictures in the ad appear on other sites and the pictures are associated with a person other than the advertiser or with a different phone number, this is proof that the pictures have been stolen and are not pictures of the advertiser. Do not call this person.

Q. How do I find the right shemale?
A. The world is changing and the escort trade is changing with it.
There used to be a clear distinction between different classes of working girls.  If you wanted a great experience, you picked up the Yellow Pages and dialed an escort service.  In less than an hour, you were greeting a beautiful call girl.  In such a case, you could rest assured that health and quality of service were of paramount importance.  Most call girls engaged in this line of work professionally rather than out of necessity.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were street walkers and brothels offering less expensive but riskier services.  Most of the girls who worked at this level of the industry were trying to solve problems or feeding a drug addiction. These poor souls were possibly manipulated and/or abused by pimps.

From a client’s perspective, frequenting brothels or navigating the street corners carried a fairly significant risk.  Scams, theft, muggings – these were among the possibilities.  Disease was another concern.  Unsafe sex practices and an uncaring attitude made this sort of encounter very dangerous.

Today, the internet has amalgamated all levels of the business.  Make no mistake, there are still respectable and professional girls as well as girls who only care about their next drug fix.  But how do you tell them apart?  The ads are all similar.  Sure, some girls have websites and some don’t, but the ads give the impression that the girls are all basically the same.  This is an illusion.

More and more, false advertising, stolen or out-of-date pictures, scams, and rip-offs are making the information in the ads even less reliable.  As a client, you need to do some research in order to weed out the problem girls and find the legitimate professionals.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Does the girl have her own professional website?  Free websites don’t count.  Alternately, if the girl works for an escort agency, does the agency have a professional website?  Sites prepared by Eros.com or other escort listing sites do not count.  These are often fake profiles.

2. Has the girl been around for more than five minutes?  It takes years to undergo transformation and become a beautiful shemale.  If you see an ad for a shemale who shows great pictures but she seem to have appeared from nowhere and you can’t track her history, it is probably a made-up profile and the pictures are probably not the person you’ll meet.  This sort of scam is called bait-and-switch and visiting one of these nasty scam artists can lead to an unrewarding experience or worse, to theft, violence, or extortion.

3. Do a Google search for the tgirl’s name and phone number.  You should be able to find more information about her, such as her website, her history, other ads she has posted.  Be particularly careful if you find no information or conflicting information such as pictures of different people or different names.  A professional girl will keep her name and phone number so regular clients can find her easily.  No information is a huge red flag and definitely means it’s a scam.

Also, if a Google search of her number leads you to ads for different people or pictures of different people, this is also definitely a scam.  If the girl changes her name, this is a warning sign as well?  How often do you change your name?

4. Does the girl offer discounted rates?  This is a bad sign.  You ought to ask yourself the question: Why is she desperate?  There is usually an answer and it isn’t one you will find very encouraging.

5. Does the girl offer unprotected sex, whether oral or full service?  Stay away.  She obviously cares nothing about the health of her clients.  Who knows what you’ll come away with. Some girls, having become afflicted with a disease, choose to spread it to others out of spite.

6. If the girl posts her own pictures, has a professional website, has a history you can track, seems stable and clean when you do a Google search of her phone number, she is likely legitimate.  If she appeals to you, it is OK to give her a try.  If all goes well and you are pleased, consider becoming a regular client.

I hope this helps you make a selection.  Of course, I hope you decide to contact me and I’ll be happy to take your call.  But, if I can steer you away from trouble, I’ll be satisfied.  I am a professional.  I care about your health and about your pleasure. I don’t want you to suffer harm or have a bad experience.

Be careful and have fun.

Q. Why should I choose you?
A. Let me turn this around. What’s the difference between a shemale and a woman? The most important difference is that a shemale has a fully functional cock and is able to use it. There is also the added bonus of the shemale orgasm. Obviously, if the shemale cannot achieve an erection or cannot achieve an orgasm, she may as well be called a woman without a pussy. And so we get to the truth of it – the actual appeal of a shemale is that she can penetrate you and offer you a hard throbbing cock with a great cumshot.  I’ll caution you that many shemales are non-functional.  I’m more than up to the task and my trademark is an incredible cumshot.

Additionally, I have very feminine features. You will find me attractive and desirable. When you peel off my panties, you’ll discover why you made a great decision choosing me.

You have a woman at home. You don’t want to top someone. You want to be taken the way no woman can ever take you. Call me for a real shemale experience. If you arrange it with me ahead of time, you can even experience my trademark orgasm – bring your own umbrella!

Note – how much for my cumshot?  I hate being explicit but this question comes up a lot.  My cumshot IS my specialty.  Ask me about it if you are interested.  However, please understand it is also my vital energy so I don’t give it away for $300.  I charge more.

Q. I noticed you are careful about how clients contact you. Why do beautiful women have so many enemies?
A. Being a tgirl is different than being a natural woman.  Transformation is an endeavour, not a given.  Whereas a natural woman is endowed with the correct balance of female hormones and develops female traits without much effort, a tgirl must work at it.  Nothing happens on its own.  Progress is hard won and comes at a steep price.

I have always believed it is important to continue improving my appearance.  I work hard to look as good as I can.  Every year, I celebrate myself with a photo shoot.  I’m proud of my appearance, proud of what I have achieved.  This may seem vain but, take it from me, to be able to live as a woman is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream.  To be recognized as a beautiful woman is gratifying beyond measure.

While anyone can transition, the result is greatly dependent on a person’s natural appearance.  You can only build on what you have.  I was lucky in this respect.  My facial features, slender hands, long legs, and slim build were well suited to the end of a feminine appearance.  On the other hand, my male hormones have always been very powerful.  This has enabled me to maintain my full sexual capacity even as I soften my appearance with female hormones.  While the term ‘shemale’ is a fabrication of the porn industry and does not refer to something that exists in nature, I have come as close to this ideal as humanly possible.  A beautiful woman endowed with a hard cock and ardent sexual prowess.

I know what I’ve got and I’m thankful for it.  It’s not lost on me that other girls have a much harder time of it.  I’m always ready to be supportive and helpful.  Everyone needs friends.  Yet, I find myself beset with angry, hateful wannabes who seem to think of me as someone to be attacked, put down, and reviled.  Is jealousy such a strong force? Apparently so.

I consider other trans girls to be my sisters.  We are family in a sense, having shared similar struggles.  However, when a jealous competitor attacks me, I consider her an enemy.  I’m not talking about girls who have spoken out of turn or said something out of character.  I’m talking about girls who wish me harm and who have repeatedly attacked me.  Those girls can only look forward to retribution.

There are also people who are racist or bigoted. I don’t appreciate any of it and I speak up when I see it.

I’ve been approached by someone who would like to write a book about my life.  I’m considering it carefully.  Maybe it would be a way I can say the things that have so far remained unsaid.  I’m flattered at the offer.

Q. Is an escort a prostitute?
A. An escort is a temporary companion. You are exchanging money for time spent with her.

Prostitution has two meanings.  It can signify the exchange of sex for money or it can mean to engage in an activity that violates one’s own principles or ethics in exchange for money or power. While escorts are available for social functions or companionship, most clients seek out an escort for a sexual encounter.

Do not assume that an escort is willing to violate her own sense of ethics in exchange for your dollars. If you must assume anything, assume the escort is willing to exchange sex for money. Be aware however, that the escort sets the boundaries for the encounter. Therefore, you should communicate your desires to the escort before you meet and explore if there is a meeting of minds.

I am no expert on the history of prostitution.  Some basic research confirms the adage that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world.  Examples of it can be found in every country throughout history in various forms.  While there are variations on the theme, it is certain that the exchange of sex for money has existed as long as civilization has been around.