I am now located in Calgary

My summer tour is complete and I am now located in Calgary for the foreseeable future.

Please join me in my beautiful condo, located near downtown – a very relaxing and comfortable space with lots of parking.  As my regular clients know, I do not rush sessions.  My goal is to put a smile on your face.

If you have a question, want to chat about rates, or if you want to see me, please call me on the phone.  I do not make arrangements by text or email.

Hope to hear from you soon,




Do I offer BB anything?

Absolutely not.  All play is safe.  I’m not putting my health at risk to satisfy a risky fantasy.  Don’t even ask.  And what about your health?  If you are seeking unsafe sex, aren’t you concerned about the risks?  You should be!

What’s in the News page?

I’ve written several articles you might find useful or interesting.  They are found in the News section.  It used to be a Blog but I changed the format of the site.

Why do you have to phone me?

Every escort has her preferred contact method.  I’m OK with an e-mail for general enquiries such as questions about my travel plans or checking on a possible date for an appointment.  However, if you want to ask a question about what we might do together or you want to ask about my rates, I’d rather do that on the phone.  Also, all appointments must be done with a phone call – no exceptions.  I do not accept calls from Private numbers or payphones.  I also don’t want internet calls or calling card calls.  If you want to see me, it’s not too much to ask – just call me on the phone.

Why not text?  The simple answer is: I want to hear your voice.  I want to assure myself you are serious about meeting me.  Hearing your voice is the best way for me to do that.  You’d be surprised how many men play stupid games – don’t be one of those.  Do as I ask and call me on the phone.

This phone call is the best way to get on good terms with me.  Texts won’t do it and e-mails won’t do it either.

If you’re worried about me calling you, I won’t.  If you want a callback, you need to give me that instruction.  If you don’t want a callback and you can’t reach me by phone, try again in fifteen minutes.  You’ll get through eventually.

You can expect to call me three times – once to set an appointment and/or check on rates and/or ask pertinent questions, once a half-hour before our appointment to confirm you are on your way, and once when you arrive in my area so I can give you my precise address.

Thank you

How do I contact you?

Simple – call me on the phone.  Sure, you can send me an e-mail for a general enquiry but all appointments and discussions about rates and services are done on the phone.

You can reach me at 403-615-0354.

Before you call, check my Contact page for a few tips about what I expect.  Make your experience all it can be by starting off in the right way.  I’ll repeat them here:

1. All appointments are made via a phone call.  Text messages or e-mails are not acceptable.

2. Be clean and sober when we meet.  Personal hygiene is important and being sober means you’ll enjoy the experience more.  These two points will improve your experience but they are also about my boundaries.

3. If you’re running late, let me know.  If you can’t make it, let me know.  Failing to do so creates a very bad impression and may bar you from further contact.

4. Don’t play games – doing so may bar you from future contact.  What games?  Sending incessant e-mails or texts, sending pictures of your genitals by text or e-mail, talking dirty on the phone, making appointments and not showing up, giving a wrong address for an outcall – anything like that.  Be serious about our meeting and treat me with respect.

What are my rates?

I’d rather discuss my rates on the phone once we’ve discussed what you expect from our encounter but here’s a rough guideline:

One hour incall $300 or more depending on what you want – tell me what you want when we speak on the phone and I’ll give you a specific rate.

One hour outcall $400 or more depending on what you want – tell me what you want when we speak on the phone and I’ll give you a specific rate.

I may offer a half-hour service for $200 but it depends on a lot of things so ask me on the phone.

Don’t try and negotiate a lower rate with me – it’s insulting.  Don’t compare me with other providers, saying so-and-so will see me for this much, why won’t you?  Slashing rates is the way some girls try to garner business – I don’t care.  My rates stand and I’m worth every penny.  If it’s too expensive for you, I’m sorry.  Don’t call me asking for 15 minutes – that’s just code for a cheap rate.  Even a half-hour bothers me.   See me for an hour – let’s enjoy each others company and avoid rushing.

Note – how much for my cumshot?  I hate being explicit but this question comes up a lot.  My cumshot IS my specialty.  Ask me about it if you are interested.  However, please understand it is also my vital energy so I don’t give it away for $300.  I charge more.

What’s on the menu?

Good question.  I’ll keep this brief.  I’m a shemale escort.  This is an escort site.  I won’t list activities we may do together in private because it’s indiscreet.  However, I appreciate you want to know something about me.

I’m attracted to men but I like women too.  I am a top exclusively.  That means I like to be on top, just like it sounds.  My health and yours are important so ALL play is safe.  If it’s not safe, I don’t do it so don’t ask.  That being said, I’m all about pleasure so feel free to tell me what you like when we speak on the phone.  I’m OK with some fetishes and fantasies, including light domination.  If you want to know if I can scratch your particular itch, call and ask.  I’ll tell you up front if I can do what you want.  I see only one person at a time but I will see couples too.

Let me be very clear – I prefer to talk about this stuff ON THE PHONE.  Not by text, not by e-mail.

What is discretion?

Discretion is defined as the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.

Specifically, as an escort, I will never call or text unless you give me clear instructions to do so.  I will dress well when we meet and will avoid attracting attention to myself.  I will endeavour to treat you with respect.  I will strive to satisfy while preserving your health.

As a client, when we speak on the phone, you will not repeat my address in a public place.  You will not call me from the lobby of a hotel but rather make the call from the parking lot.  You will avoid knocking loudly on my door.  You will follow my contact instructions to the letter and you will be clean and sober when we meet.  If you have to cancel an appointment, you will call to let me know.  You will not send me endless e-mails or texts, play games on the phone, make fake appointments, send me to a fake address for an outcall, or do anything else to harass or offend. 

It’s a two-way street.  We respect each other and have a great time.  The alternative is not conducive to a pleasant encounter.

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